Telephone exchanges and telephone lines are no longer required. If you want flexibility and also would like to organize your accessibility, then you can use modern telephony. It offers you countless possibilities. For example: You simply want to be easily accessible by telephone. For colleagues, customers, suppliers and new customers. Whether that is with a fixed device, a mobile device, PC software, an app, or a tool such as Microsoft Teams, that is completely up to you.

The possibilities of Hosted Telephony are very extensive, so we will always start with your needs and wishes. From there on we take a look at which solution best suits your wishes and organization.

Workplace and Application Integration

We can integrate our telephony on your (Cloud) workplace so that you don’t need a physical device, or in combination with a physical device. In addition, there are numerous options for integrating telephony with applications, locally or in the Cloud


Our telephony solutions can be flexibly scaled up and down. This way you will only use what you need and you never have to pay too much.


Onze telefonie oplossingen kunnen flexibel op- en afgeschaald worden. Zo gebruik je alleen wat je nodig hebt en betaal je nooit teveel.

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