Working in the Cloud

Working in the Cloud will provide an innovative working environment for your company to optimally communicate and collaborate, always and everywhere. When you are working in the Cloud, the way that users work has an important role. We provide a Cloud environment that is tuned in to the needs of the users so that they can do their work pleasantly and efficiently.

Easy and safe collaboration

The main goals of working in the Cloud are easy collaboration and communication. We ensure that all data and applications that are relevant to users are easy to access and use.

Working in the Cloud must of course also be secure. For example: 2 Factor Authentication, VPN connections, Encryption and various firewall restrictions.

Always and everywhere

Your workplace in the Cloud is available everywhere, on different devices. This ensures an efficient and pleasant work experience. With our high availability, you can also be sure that you can use your services whenever you want.


Working in the cloud can be done in different ways. We will determine together which way is suitable for you. For example:
– Microsoft 365 with Sharepoint
– A remote Desktop environment, in combination with 1 or more application servers for application hosting, hosted in the cloud with us or with Microsoft Azure.
– Hybrid solutions where part of your environment is in the Cloud and part is local in your company or elsewhere.

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