AppHost – application hosting for software suppliers

We have developed the AppHost service especially for software suppliers. Cloud 365’s AppHost aims to create a suitable environment for applications that can be used by third-party customers. We take availability and security very seriously and together we determine the best way to make your application available in the Cloud.

Different Cloud solutions

In case you are hosting and you would like to make your application available, it is important to implement the right Cloud solution. You can think of:

Fully web-based applications where we create an environment with a frontend and backend part. This environment can be hosted with Microsoft Azure or with Cloud 365.

Applications that are not fully web-based and that depend on installation on an operating system can also be hosted in the Cloud, for example through a remote app (RDS based) frontend and a database backend environment.

Security and availability

When it comes to hosting applications, availability and security are very important. We are able to guarantee availability, and we have various options available for making the AppHost environment redundant, ensuring that the hosting is available across multiple physical locations and that a so-called real-time failover takes place in the event of a disaster.

Security is guaranteed by carefully examining which data must be protected at which level. We can implement the following measures in various combinations or not.

  • Threat monitoring
  • DDOS security
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • VPN solutions
  • Firewall restrictions
  • Backend encryption

Management and Monitoring

We take care of the management and monitoring of your hosted application. We understand that hosted applications have different needs in terms of management and monitoring. That is why we will always work together with you to create the most suitable implementation regarding management and monitoring.

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