Welcome to Cloud 365

Your partner for all your IT challenges

Welcome to Cloud 365
Your partner for all your IT challenges

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Working in the Cloud

With our Cloud services you ensure an innovative work environment that is adapted to the wishes of your organization.

Manage and Monitoring

We manage and monitor your IT environment so you continue what you do best without IT problems disrupting you.

Application Hosting

Application hosting adapted to the wishes of you and your customers.

Telephony Services

Modern communication services to organize your accessibility the way you want.


The partner for all your IT challenges

Cloud 365 specializes in providing customized IT and Cloud solutions that meet today’s standards of flexibility, security and availability.

IT solutions should always serve the organization that uses them. IT must be available anytime, anywhere and must be able to adapt to the movements of your business without having to worry about security and management.

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Advice and a plan

It all starts with our advice regarding your IT challenge. We will translate it into an IT solution and we will make a plan that fits your needs.



We will make an implementation plan that keeps your operational activities in mind, and that will interrupt them as little as possible.


Ready to start!

Make use of your IT solution and trust us to manage and support.

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Remote support

Our remote support anywhere you are, simple and effective.



Make use of our clientportal to report a question or request, and consult our knowledgebase.