Management and Monitoring

The maintenance, administrating and security of all IT components in a company are management tasks. Think about Servers, PCs or laptops, docking stations, (VoIP) telephones, printers, etc. These all have to be managed, which means: secured, updated, monitored and supported by a professional helpdesk.

You just want to be able to focus on your own tasks without being continuously interrupted by technology. Every day again!

The IT components in your company contribute to the performance. We can manage and monitor them. This way you and your colleagues can work without distraction and technical failures and do what you are good at. We ensure a proactive approach through our monitoring of all IT components. In case you do need help, you can reach our helpdesk employees.


Security is a high priority these days. We want to keep sensitive data out of the wrong hands. This is a part that receives a lot of attention during installation and administration. During management, we ensure updates of the operating system and software, managed threat monitoring and a rapid and adequate response to suspicious events.


Beveiliging heeft tegenwoordig een hoge prioriteit. We willen voorkomen dat gevoelige gegevens in de verkeerde handen vallen. Tijdens installatie en in beheername is dit een onderdeel die veel aandacht krijgt. Tijdens het beheer zorgen wij voor updates van het besturingssyteem en software, managed threat monitoring en snelle adequate reactie bij verdachte gebeurtenissen.


Every company needs continuity. If things go wrong, we quickly help with a specialist who is knowledgeable and well informed about your IT environment. This is possible trough remote support or we can help you at any location if necessary.

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